We were looking for a violin teacher for our girl when she was 4 y.o. as she wanted to play violin. We got really lucky to know Lila who is still our beloved teacher and yes, my little girl is almost 7 now but still very motivated to play.
Lila is absolutely brilliant and always find a different approach to every child (yes, I know what I’m talking about as my second girl was playing the violin with Lila as well). As they are very different, the teaching approach was very different for each of them and this is the real must with the kids. In addition, it’s not only instrument teaching but the transmission of the love to music in general, not only classic, that I find very rare nowadays. Every lesson is amazing and feels more like a game or a theatre play, but the progress is absolutely amazing so it’s not a game at all.

And now as we know the team of Arca Music, I can nothing but advise you to consider them as teachers as they are passionate about the music, crazy and full of energy with a huge amount of projects (have no idea where they take time to do all this), absolutely adorable and very dedicated professionals.

Olga - mother of a young violin student

Fanny - étudiante